hey you! if you’ve popped around my offerings you might have come here because you’re curious about the blue glowy disk we call patrick and what in the tarnation he’s actually doing? like what even is this?

i get it. if you haven’t been in the holistic industry (or the horse world because they basically own the market on pemf for performance and healing for those gorgeous animals!), you might not be really sure about what this technology is.

first – let me make something clear – if you are looking for an exhaustive and technical definition on pemf, along with annotated research etc, etal – you’re not going to find it here. i’m just not that big brained 😞. i’m just a physician, who’s a really good diagnostician, curious, and determined to offer simple solutions to chronic problems.

okay, disclaimer aside, let’s get it.

pemf is pulsed electro magnetic field therapy. first discussed around 2500 years ago in the yellow emperor’s classic of chinese medicine and now used daily by many including NASA to keep astronauts healthy and horse owners to do the same for their beloveds.

it’s a weak electrical current sent through copper coils. set to different frequencies that i program to target different cell tissues in the body.

spending time in that magnetic field affects the human body in well-studied ways. it seems to affect specifically the cell membrane, the wrapping around your cell that keeps it separate from its environment.

imagine a cell, with little radio towers all around it. this is how information gets into it – whether from a nutrient, a drug, or an electromagnetic/wireless signal. once the information is inside, it goes into the nucleus aka command central and the cell then does what it needs to do.

so i think of pemf as affecting the body wirelessly, or ‘air dropping’ directions or information that other substances would do organically (as in a physical compound).

these pemf frequencies are known to charge the cells, like a cell phone wireless charger, which, if you’re tired and exhausted is a great thing amirite? it’s generally widely accepted that these gentle magnetic fields can help kickstart healing processes like bone repair, pain relief, multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease, depression and knee osteoarthritis.

and that’s it! your simple and easy explanation of pemf. there are more than 10,000 scientific publications describing the effects, and more than 2000 double-blind studies worldwide demonstrating that pemf is safe to use.

once thing we should mention is, while extremely safe, no one really recommends using pemf during pregnancy, if you have epilepsy, if you have an electrical implant that could be affected, or if you’ve had an organ transplant unless you have permission from your medical doctor.

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