about patrick

patrick is a glowing metal pad which uses both sound (the pemf) and light (the photons) to get information into your cells

  • patrick is small enough that will fit in your palm and weighs 28 ounces.
  • patrick has an internal battery and will run 10 hours on a single charge. patrick connects to your phone, tablet or computer and the programs are transferred through the audio jack cable through our program website
  • you’ll have your own premium account with access to not just my custom programs but hundreds of other programs available to you. it’s available to anyone, you do not need a prescription for the device.
  • patrick also works as an imprint device, which means you can imprint liquids with healing frequencies.

frequent questions about patrick

how do i know if patrick is working?

it’s simple biofeedback, no guesswork required. you’ll know because you feel the difference. this is also one of the questions i’ll answer in our individual consultation/discovery call.

how much does patrick cost?

it depends on your case – whether you’re a self-guided or concierge client. self-guided clients pay $300 for set-up + a patrick and then $50 a month, and concierge clients don’t pay so much for the device itself (it’s included), but the level of care & service we provide.

is patrick covered by insurance?

patrick is not covered by insurance. however many of my patients use their hsa to cover the cost of meeting with me.

want to schedule a meeting with doctor akemi & patrick?

it's easy. you can call, text or email nell from bell 🌻 our client coordinator

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