it’s not easy, being in a body. especially when the mind is flying about willy-nilly ramping it up with tales of future catastrophe and past failures.

my deep studies into chinese medical psychology, which has a deep understanding of how the mind, emotions and organs function and affect each other, as well as my 15 year focus into applied mind-body dynamics by helping patients with cognitive, emotional and behavioral issues position me uniquely to help you feel less like you’re living inside a warzone between your body and mind and more like a whole human.

sometimes you need a gentle guide to translate the signals of your body, bring a fresh perspective into your situation, or suggest steps to bring yourself back into you.

our initial call will have us not just saying our howdy-do’s but sparking clarity on whether mentorship is the right step for you. because this is not psychology or psychiatry and we’re not doing therapy – that is for your mental health professional. this is the bass boosted version of life coaching, grounded in ancient wisdom and my penchant for practicality.

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