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when you think of things that bring you joy, what comes to mind?

baby bulls?
a cheese board and a glass of pinot noir?
bts’ kim namjoon joyfully playing with tiny crabs at the beach?

whatever it is, i’m willing to bet that exercise didn’t make the list. and if it did, omg you’re a unicorn!

science tells us that exercise releases endorphins. endorphins reduce your perception of pain and trigger a positive feeling in your body, similar to that of morphine – woooeee. sounds awesome, right?

except you’re wondering how people convince themselves to get off the couch and sweat for 30 plus minutes everyday when you’re just so tired, and hurting, and angry, and sad, and everyday life is physically taxing all on its own.

baby steps my friend.

this is why joyful movement is one of the 7 touchstones in the elements of life.

joyful movement is more than a clever attempt at disguising exercise. If you’re all ‘doctor shortcake is trying to con me into moving my body!”, i mean…it’s not a con if i’m telling you straight up that moving our body is not just good for your biochemistry, but will nourish your soul.

living room dance parties are one of my favorite ways to implement joyful movement. i also like kung fu. and the manual labor involved in running a hobby ranch.

you see, joyful movement is about listening to your body and the release it needs in that moment. and I’m going to tell you something you might not want to hear; your body does not just need to Netflix and chill in order to recharge.

do you feel achy and stiff?

gentle contracting and expansive movementt is what you need.

does your body feel lethargic and dull?

a brisk walk to your mailbox or humming and dancing as you fold and put your clothes away, pretending you’re a disney princess could make things better.

are you exhausted but you need a way to invigorate your body because you still have a life to live?

try putting on 3 songs you loved dancing to when you were a teenager to and wiggle that booty.

i’m not going to insult you by listing all of the benefits of physical movement. you already know it comes with a host of physical and mental health benefits. you don’t need another person in your life telling you to move more.

you need someone to help you with how to move more.

and it’s in emphasizing joy that you’re more likely to move your body. and when you start to move in ways that bring you joy, you’re more likely to move regularly. tada!

so make a list of the things that make you wiggle in joy.
why don’t you start with 5?
examine that list for things that require you to move.
do those things. (but not all at once, again, baby steps).

if you’re running into road blocks; nothing that brings you joy requires that you move from your sofa or you’re having difficulty even finding things that bring you joy… we should chat.

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