some people need a second brain to talk through their case

to consider their options or figure out what the next steps should be. this is where i come in, with my imaginary pipe and fantastic hat. One of my biggest strengths is the ability to synthesize large amounts of random information to come up with possible patterns and potential solutions to those patterns.

when you schedule your doctor sherlock session

you’ll fill out your forms, send in relevant info i need to know, and i’ll be ready to ask you questions and talk things out with you.

we’ll end the call with a few ideas, some next steps, ordering labs and a plan to move forward

sometimes you’ll end up with a referral to a specific practitioner, and often with practical actionable advice. i specialize in baby steps, which i teach regularly on my instagram channel. in these sessions, you’ll have them customized for your individual journey.

digging deeper with holistic lab testing

with herbal & nutrition suggestions

i’m going to be upfront with you. i no longer do exhaustive lab tests that run thousands of dollars trying to find something wrong with you.

i stick with looking for the basic things that could be really slowing you down and affecting your quality of life and ability to respond well to any kind of medicine or intervention: whether it’s frequency therapy, acupuncture, your doctor’s prescription, exercise or dietary changes.

what i look for are the big things that come up over and over. the simplest solutions to feeling shitty. these are the questions i’m asking when i’m deciding what labs to run:

  • is your body generally making good quality blood and does it have some of the major nutrients it needs (you’d be surprised how often the answer is no 😞)
  • is there possibly a hidden pathogen that is draining your body of energy and resources, and if so, what category of critter could we be dealing with?
  • are your detox pathways and repair mechanisms possibly compromised?
  • is your immune system well-supported and up for confrontation 🥊?
  • are your major organs generally working well?
  • are your electrolytes good or are they possibly contributing to your symptoms?
  • is it likely you’re dehydrated?
  • are you symptomatic yet haven’t been screened for the over half-dozen possible thyroid patterns that cannot be addressed by synthetic hormones?

and if there’s something we find, or something really quirky or specific we need to address, we’ll either run a follow up test, or refer you to the appropriate medical doctor (i’m not one, in case that hasn’t been made clear so far.)

most of what we find can be addressed with simple supplements or chinese herbal tweaks, sometimes lifestyle or dietary changes but i don’t prescribe drastic diets. i’m not a nutritionist or a dietitian.

how we go about this is we discuss in a video consult what’s going on and i create and email your lab order.

after we get the results (anywhere from 7-10 days) i will record a video explaining what we find and send you a list of recommendations. i have an herbal dispensary here at the ranch, and i also have an online dispensary where we can source almost any supplement.

we’ll check in once a month to see how you’re doing and adjust recommendations as needed. after 4-6 weeks, key lab markers will be rechecked to measure progress.

most patients see changes in around 8 weeks.

want to schedule a meeting with doctor sherlock?

it's easy! simply call, text or email nell from bell 🌻 our client coordinator

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