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i can be quite the nerd.

quite the introduction I know, but science and the human body are kind of my jam – not surprising since that might actually be a prerequisite to becoming a physician.

as you know, all living things on this planet are composed of seven elements – carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, and sulfur. there are a few others but these seven are the major players.

and while these seven elements are responsible for the composition of the physical body, you and I both know that physical existence is only half the picture. it was with that in mind that I spent the last decade of my career identifying and qualifying seven elements of the mind-body system, dubbing them elements of life.

the elements of the physical body allow you to exist.

the elements of life encourage and support you to thrive.

before I go into detail it’s important to understand that these elements of life already exist within everyone. yes, even you! they’re actually innate skills and qualities that need tlc. it’s that we’re out-of-practice (the ol’ idea of ‘if you don’t use it, you lose it’) or you’ve been so plagued by exhaustion, illness and stress that you haven’t been able to do anything but exist. embracing even just a few of these elements will be just the gentle change you need to actually live your life.

if we’re already working together on your health then this program will compliment that work beautifully.

without further ado,

the 7 touchstones of the elements of life



refresh – is a soft reboot of your awareness and your mind, a practical approach to meditation if you will. this is not about distraction but sitting comfortably in silence, observing your surroundings and allowing your thoughts to pass. the result – like freeing up RAM on your computer, everything starts to run better.


joyful movement

joyful movement – is about identifying what your body needs at that moment and engaging in a physical activity. the result – a release of tension by increasing happy hormones and having plain old, unadulterated fun.


cultivate wonder

cultivate wonder – is about returning to that childlike state of curiosity and play. the result – happier guts, hearts and brains with a boosted immune system to boot.


maintain tone

maintain tone – in other words, developing discipline. the result – replacing paralyzing fear with resiliency and gumption.



root – a focus on rooting before you bloom, or taking a moment to pause before you say yes to another commitment, or taking a breath before you put yet another handbag you can’t necessarily afford on your credit card, or taking a step back before you react to a triggering situation. the result – replacing impulsive, damaging behavior with certainty and confidence in knowing your actions are what’s best for your body, mind and spirit.



release – put simply, letting go of the physical, mental and emotional burdens that weigh you down. the result – feeling less suffocated and overwhelmed because things start to flow better in your life.



lean – learning to find and allow for support in your life, even if it’s only from the chair you’re currently sitting in. The result – the wound up survival mode you’ve been existing in starts to fade and you experience true relaxation and vitality.

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