if you want:

clarity on your condition

to stop bouncing from healer to healer

to stop collecting diagnoses

to feel an actual shift

a clear plan to follow

full-time access to an experienced physician

a teammate who can pivot with you when life happens

a grounding point that can gently help you get back on track

holistic lab orders and reviews

customized frequency specific pemf programs you can run anytime

and you’re already open to cutting edge holistic modalities that bring the best of pemf frequencies, functional medicine theory, and east asian medicine:

we offer a health consultancy where you have full access to doctor akemi – an out of the box thinker and 17-year veteran in the field of mind-body medicine with a passion for simplicity, results, and a genius for writing pemf programs that have worked for many complicated cases.

did you know?

did you know most physicians manage hundreds of patients? that’s why they have a hard time keeping track of your case. we maintain a limited number of concierge clients in order to provide the highest level of service.

let doctor akemi be your on-call health detective, custom pemf frequency programmer, and mind-body mentor.

fill out the form below so we can get back to you in 24-48 hours. in a week’s time you could be running written-for-you pemf programs and sleeping better at night from having peace of mind.

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    please answer the following questions as thoroughly as you can.

    what inspired you to reach out to doctor akemi?

    why now?

    what is your main concern?

    share with us what your worst day is like

    what have you tried before for your condition? what worked? what didn't work? please be specific because this will help doctor akemi design the best membership program for you.

    what are your health goals for the next 6-12 months?

    what is making it hard for you to achieve those goals?

    what are you looking for from doctor akemi?

    for example: a clear plan, a better understanding, support through flare-ups, a second opinion, holistic lab reviews, mind-body support etc.

    concierge program details

    concierge consulting is a 6 month commitment. doctor akemi works with clients as a health detective, custom pemf programmer and mind-body mentor.

    unless you reside in the state of florida, doctor akemi will work with you in a consultant capacity.

    her fees range from $15k-30k usd and fees vary on a case by case basis. your individualized membership and fees will be discussed at your consultation.

    are you comfortable investing this in your wellness with a hands-on, concierge model?

    please send me information on a self-guided membership that includes access to educational videos by doctor akemi, access to q&a sessions, a pemf device, and ability to run pre-written, condition specific pemf programs (price range $100-500 usd a month).

    i'm interested in a mind-body mentorship or a case review.

    i am interested in purchasing a one-time pemf infopathy ic complex for a specific condition ($250-$1000 USD one time cost, device not included)

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