ways to work with me☺︎

ways to work with me☺︎

ways to work with me☺︎

ways to work with me☺︎

ways to work with me☺︎

aka ways i can help you

get to know pemf

here are some quick answers for curious minds

what is pemf?

pemf stands for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. i use therapeutic frequencies that have been researched and applied in practice since the early 1900s.

how does pemf work?

here’s an analogy.

the cells in the body receive information from your environment and react. but the information has to get through the wall of the cell somehow.

prescription drugs and food act like a physical lock and key mechanism, opening the door of the cell, transmitting the chemical signal and triggering a result from the nucleus of the cell who gets to work. but pemf acts like one of those wireless beep beeps that opens your garage or your car door . the information gets through the walls and goes in and the inside responds. the door opens, regardless of whether you use a physical key (biochemistry), or a wireless key (pemf).

what does frequency resonance therapy have to do with pemf?

simply put, the rate through which a sound wave, or an electromagnetic pulse is produced by the device. these can be transmitted through a microcurrent or a pemf device. i create custom programs which are a combination of frequencies….kind of like putting notes together to make a song unique to your body.

the frequencies have been observed to help your body create more atp (the fuel that the cells run on) and have a known effect in reducing inflammation and alleviating pain.

who is patrick?

say hi to patrick. patrick is the name we have for our at-home pemf device. why patrick? well, for one thing, i believe healing should be personal. the name stands for
(p)hoton (a)ctivated (t)issue (r)esonance (i)ntra (c)ellular (k)ey.

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